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3 min readJan 13, 2020

Lumo’s Resolve inspired this writing. Somewhat a response, it’s intended to build upon and not against his piece. Any convergence as well as any divergence are deliberate.

Naked and crying, we’re born. Weak and vulnerable. Exposed. Thrown into a cold threatening reality, we need to be welcomed, nourished and protected. Turbulent winds of conflict surround us from birth. Others must feed us and give us warmth. Without their shelter, we perish.

Outside forces pull from every direction. Step after step we go through life: stumbling around at first, running forward later. Precarious, always on the brink of collapse. Every passing second, every new experience, forging an armour that protects us. Toughened up, we’ve grown strong and knowledgeable. Limitless.

Beyond hubris, chaos finally tamed. No need for submission — not now, not ever.

Determined and in control, the burden is soon taken for granted. Slow yet steady, moving forward. Unyielding, upright. Rigid, stone-like sense of one — enslaved golems to arbitrary Kabbalah.

Stomping our way, we make our selves home. Safe under shelter, we become comfortable and idle. Complacent insecurity, overbearing certainty and expectation. Facetious obsession, decorative indulgence. Nothing is ever enough.

Separated and disconnected, yet locked into place. Distracted and lost, oblivious to the coffin we’ve become. Forgery shell weighing us down. Ego’s fearful hostages, victims, servants. The burial of the truth that lives within. The godlike marvel obliterated.

Photo by Pelly Benassi on Unsplash

But there’s another way.

Make your decision matter. In the face of the hurricane, don’t hold fast. Resistance, strength, perseverance left behind. Release. Thrusting opposing forces. Elemental, become fluid — one with the currents. Retreat, reappear. Move fast, no distractions. Be present.

Staring the storm in the eye, find the serenity inside. There’s uniqueness in chaos, sameness in all struggle, within and without. No faith, just hope.

Tear down the walls that lock you up, the burden weighing you down. Prisons must fall. Break your self down into pieces. Undressed from oppressing protection, the sunlight reaches what struggles to breathe within. Born again at last.

Relish now the playground the world offers. Unchained, free. Proud and courageous, welcome the will to feel the rawness inside you, in your purest weakness. All flesh and blood. And become — even if momentarily — one with them. While the endless rhythmic tapping of the elements dissolves a fossilised I.

The hope for resolution is futile. Harmony, a chimera; a monster created by the supremacy of reason. The only resolution, death. The inevitable end.

Strive for serenity in chaos, unbreakable tension of conflicting powers.

Your life’s on the line.

Let go.

To break free.

To trust again.


Or resist and be torn apart.

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Adrian J Ortega 🗺️🧭

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